If you are to search on the internet about life coach training, you will actually find a lot of courses being offered. Well, anyone can be a life coach especially if you have the right training. However, there are things that are very important if you want to be a life coach. This is both as a person as well as running a successful coaching business. Here are some of the aspects on how to become a good life coach. Read more about certified life coach training

Part of the life coach training is the communication skills. For a lot of people, they think that being a life coach needs to be a good listener. Being a good life coach is more than just listening to people vent out. Although listening is very important, speaking is also very important when you are a life coach. 80 percent is listening while 220 percent is more on speaking. Being a good coach you are able to listen to your client what he or she is saying as well as what they are not saying to you. You should be able to notice what your client is telling you verbally and non-verbally. This means that saying is one thing and the other is non-verbal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mentorship 

Listening is 80 percent but it is still a small part of understanding the communication and it actually takes place between you as a coach and the client. The coach should be able to be very good at questioning. You have to use questions that are actually open ended as well as exploratory. These questions should help move the client towards what they actually want and not just to satisfy their curiosity about everything that is going on. The question is actually based on what the client is saying while the coach is simply observing. With the help of these questions itself should be covered well during your life coach training program. Read more here

Being a life coach, part of you should be confident. This is very important element especially if you are running a business and most especially if you are a life coach. You are simply not making any business decisions but you are also working with people who come to you for help. For you to be a good life coach, you have to be confident in dealing with your clients. There are times that the life coach gets flustered especially if the client tells them their huge problem. This only shows that you do not know what to tell the client about their problem.

This is quite interesting since this is not the coaches job to solve the problem of the client. The coach is only there to help the client find their own way in finding the solution to their problem. This is why the coach should be confident in their abilities to help and assists their clients in exploring the solution by themselves.
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